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Mortgage Lead Generation – Going Digital the Cheapest Way to Generate Leads!

Morgage Lead Generation going digitalTraditionally, big mortgage agents and brokers have leveraged conventional marketing such as radio and television to expand their portfolios while smaller brokers and agents have turned to less expensive means like snail mail, birthday greetings and generating referrals through other business as well as happy clients.

Digital marketing though has changed the face of mortgage lead generation because it has really leveled the playing field. While digital marketing such as Google PPC can prove very expensive and is dominated by the bigger players, social media marketing is something that is available to all, regardless of budget.

Since social media involves reaching out to referral sources and enables past happy clients to influence others in their networks, mortgage lead generation through social media can prove to be one form of digital marketing that carries the lowest cost of acquisition.

Every agent and broker should have an established presence on social media. Yes, yes, we know – it takes time, but you don’t have to be everywhere. Brokers and agents with less time can work on building one solid presence at a time. Every follower you gain opens you up to valuable second and third connections. Every contribution and post leads to enhanced credibility and exposure. Every shared blog link leads to traffic to your website.

Leveraging digital marketing for social media and deploying the latest and greatest tools and technology in your daily workflow makes you current and a broker of 2015.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas:

  • Research what platforms you share on well. Who is your target, is your target there, and is there an abundant base? For example – LinkedIn is a more professional platform where brokers and agents can reach out to other industry professionals to generate referral business, whereas on Facebook the sky is the limit where the consumer audience is concerned.
  • Think about what you are going to share. Optimized full blog posts will always have the most SEO value. Taking an online course in SEO to understand how blog sharing works will be the best time spent value-wise. This is the best way to get the most mileage out of your content.
  • Offer value. This one is huge. Using your digital marketing for the sole purpose of self-promotion is not adding value. The mere act of sharing is promoting yourself so focus on releasing content that adds true value to your readers – content that they want to read or that they may even share. Content that spurs another blogger or news site to syndicate or mention your content.
  • Be professional. Make sure your profile is the best representation of who you are! Avoid photos that are personal in nature and ensure that your value proposition is well edited and doesn’t contain spelling or grammar issues.

Hopefully these tips on mortgage lead generation through digital marketing are helpful in your quest for marketing for less.

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