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Aerial Real Estate Photography: A Bird’s-Eye Advantage for Mortgage Brokers

With aerial real estate photography, mortgage brokers can dive deeper and get more details on any deal without leaving the comfort of their office. It pays to know as much about the property as possible – and this can mean going beyond checking the property value. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a new mortgage or a refinance, Continue Reading

Mortgage Advice: What Should First-time Homebuyers Know?

Becoming a homeowner in Canada today is tough. With the hot Canadian housing market and provincial and federal governments trying to curtail unbridled price wars through changes to mortgage lending rules and foreign buyer taxes, what mortgage advice can you give clients in times like these? Buying a home isn’t easy at the best of times. Many homebuyers see so Continue Reading

Mortgage Terminology in Plain Language – Five Terms Explained for Clients

How often have you considered the mortgage terminology you use on a regular basis – or how confusing that terminology can be to your clients who are not experts in the industry? For example, ‘executing a mortgage’ may sound deadly to your clients, but reminding them that it’s just standard mortgage terminology that refers to signing the document at the Continue Reading