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How to Find a Good Mortgage Broker – Be the Broker Homebuyers Need

As you’re likely well aware, homebuyers are always asking how to find a good mortgage broker. And lenders are always looking for a good mortgage broker who can refer applications that are more likely to close. While it’s true some business conducted in the mortgage industry is through referrals only – agents refer clients to mortgage brokers, and lenders work Continue Reading

Banks vs. Mortgage Brokers: Who Wins?

Banks vs. mortgage brokers – when considering mortgage options, whether their first one or a refinance, consumers like to have choices – and choosing between a bank and a mortgage broker is an important choice. So, what’s the best choice? Ultimately the bank may end up with the mortgage regardless, but there are key differences between working through a broker Continue Reading

Are New Mortgage Rules Pushing Homeowners to Shadow Banking?

Has the federal government’s increased mortgage regulation done anything to cool Canada’s hot housing markets? Are they pushing homebuyers into unregulated mortgages and the growing shadow banking industry? Some Canadians may be having a harder time buying a home due to the change in mortgage rules last year. As banks become more risk-averse, wondering if and when interest rates will Continue Reading