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Something Seem Off? Validating Property Information in 1-2-3

Wouldn’t it be advantageous if your clients’ noses grew when they were fibbing, just like Pinocchio? Seriously though? When a client misstates information on an application, this can result in an incredible amount of time and expenses wasted, and can even strain relationships with partners like your lenders, appraisers, real estate lawyers, etc. It may be scary, but it is Continue Reading

Canadian Debt Hits Another Record High – What Does This Mean for You?

Canadian household debt continues to rise in Canada, with Canada closing last year at another record high. Like the housing market, historically low interest rates continue to make buying and borrowing an attractive option for Canadians. You can read the full release from the Toronto Star on the 4th quarter numbers here: This presents a valuable opportunity to you Continue Reading

Different Ways to Assess Property Value Before the Property Appraisal Stage

More and more mortgage agents and brokers have come to the realization that assessing a property’s value (beyond asking their client) at the application stage makes good sense for the client, lender and themselves. As we all know, Canada has enjoyed a smoking hot real estate market for a several years now. However, this can be tricky when it comes Continue Reading