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Lenders Use Social Media to Check the Backgrounds of Brokers and Applicants

Technology and social media have literally changed everything. It has changed the way we communicate, connect and share. So many industries now turn to technology and social media when trying to learn or investigate something. Potential employers will research applicants on Google and social media sites like Facebook to get a sense of their character. Law enforcement leverages social media Continue Reading

Identifying a Bad Deal – Addressing the Top 5 Reasons that Deals Fail to Close

Bad deals – the Achilles heel of most mortgage agents and brokers. You may take painstaking measures at the point of application to ask your client many questions to uncover bad deals – but some seem to always slip through. So how can you tighten your closure rates? What more can you do? Leverage technology to investigate your customer’s disclosure. Continue Reading

The Difference between a Property Appraisal and an Automated Valuation

Often times, when brokers and agents think about automated valuation, some think, “Why do I need that? My deals are either insured and if they’re not we look to a property appraisal to validate value.” This is issue number 1 – an automated valuation is not an appraisal. Automated valuations are a tool that lenders and insurers have started using Continue Reading