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Leverage Your Skills to Find Mortgage Leads: How to Use AVMs to Find Refinance Opportunities in Your Current Book

When it comes to finding mortgage leads, your lowest-hanging fruit is your existing book of people you’ve arranged financing for in the past. Why? They know and trust you and you have extra insight into their personal information. But how can you identify new mortgage lead opportunities through the file? If the client purchased a home, look at their last Continue Reading

Mortgage Application Tips: How to Validate 75% of Your Information in Less Than 15 Minutes

Validating the information in a client’s mortgage application is a critical step in the mortgage underwriting process. Not getting necessary information can cause a broker’s deal to implode. It can also result in fraudulent deals being brought forward to lenders. Some of the most critical information in your mortgage application you will need to validate is: Income Home ownership information Continue Reading

New Year Mortgage Marketing Ideas — The Value of Your Purview Report

Your business is competitive and we know it. Outside of other brokers, you’re competing with banks that have massive mortgage marketing budgets, extensive client relationships, and the ability to undercut you on rate at any moment. If you want to better market your services, you have to establish yourself as more than just a rate shopper. Your value is far Continue Reading